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CS-Cart design creation

Some words about CS-Cart design creation made by Alt-team!

Powerful webshop builder, organized folder structure and tons of functionality is what makes CS-Cart one of the most flexible and powerful ecommerce platform out there. By default, CS-Cart offers a lot, but as eCommerce evolved during the years, there is always additional work required to fit client needs.

First of all, clients search for an amazing design templates. There are plenty of them on official marketplace, but many customers want to get a custom web design for their business website. 

There are some reasons why people choose custom web design for their shop:

  • they don't like the existing variants of the CS-Cart templates;
  • they want to have unique style for the online store;
  • they have lots of specific features on the website that can't be functioning correctly on the ready-to-use themes.

CS-Cart platform has its own details and the design creation for CS-Cart is a process with special aspects. 


See a scheme on stages for CS-Cart design creation:

1. Creating pages prototypes.

Prototyping is an important level to an amazing website view. Webdesigners built an elements positions on future layouts.

2. Making design layouts.

This stage includes the work under colour scheme and combining style of all website pages and company style in general. Specialist works up the responsive mock-ups for the different size screens (mobiles, tablets, desktop screens). 

3. Design animation stage.

Online store should interact with the customers. The aim of any business website is to solve customer's problem and to lead them to a succesful purchase. How banners change each other, what happens when a website visitor clicks on buttons add to cart or add to wishlist, what effects will be on product images sliders and many other aspects where website animation is necessary. 

4. Professional design integration.

Cool webdesign mockup is a half the battle. Everything should be integrated properly with all elements working correctly as intented by webdesigner. Professional design integration completes the CS-Cart design creation. In the end of the project the client gets the well designed business website brings a customer more money than the website design cost.


Alt-team offeres an affordable web design service.

  • The mockups creation cost — $2000. It takes 2 weeks. 
  • The webdesign integration cost — a bit more than $2000. It takes 3 weeks. 


Webdesign projects made by Alt-team agency.

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