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Third party systems integration to CS-Cart

CS-Cart integration with 3rd party services

Even though CS-Cart solution has been integrated with wide range of 3rd party systems by default, there are some cases when you may feel lack of some services.

From our experience, we should say that every year many 3rd party services take niche in the e-commerce market and become popular and widespread at certain places. 

Some years ago we have made integration with BrightPearl application, that is very popular CRM in the UK and Ireland.

Also, we developed modules for currency import platform (www.xe.com/dfs/), email newsletter service(www.mailchimp.com), accounting software, HelpDesk system, etc.

Please, check all our modifications for CS-Cart.

The shopping cart can't take into account the third-party services that are popular in certain countries, that's why clients often are looking at integration the store with third-party systems used in their country or in the country unions.

For example, there is few Australian software integrated into CS-Cart solution by default. So, we are always ready to switch the shopping cart to convenient for your place apps, systems, and third-party services.

Information we need tell you the CS-Cart third-party integration cost:

  • Manuals about the integration of this third-party system or about the integration of some specific part of it (if there is any manual).

  • Website address of a 3rd-party software.

After analyzing a required 3rd party service, we will give you an answer, if it is possible to integrate this system to CS-Cart software or not and let you know the cost of work.

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