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CS-Cart 'Webmail' Add-on

The Webmail addon is a very useful add-on, which facilitates the work of administrator. It allows to make a range of functionalities allowing the administrator to:

  • read e-mails in a safe way,
  • reply, forward, compose new e-mails in plain-text as well as HTML mode,
  • attach multiple files to e-mails,
  • manage e-mails using folders,
  • schedule his time,
  • manage his contacts,
  • many other.

In order to set up the Webmail Add-on:

  • Sign in your administration panel;
  • Open the Administration tab;
  • Click on the Add-ons link;
  • Find the Webmail add-on;
  • Change its status from Disabled to Active in the select box on the right;
  • This will enable the add-on;
  • The Webmail link will be displayed in the top links of the page;
  • Click on it;
  • This will open the section;
  • Fill in the following fields in it:
    • Email - people's reply will come to this address when they answer your mail.
    • Login - your username used on your mail server.
    • Password- your password used on your mail server.
    • Clicking on the Advanced Login link will open more fields.
    • Incoming Mail - your mail server (protocols POP3 and IMAP can be used to connect to the server).
    • SMTP Server - your SMTP server (mail server, which will be used for sending emails).
    • Use SMTP authentication - select to enable SMTP authentication (automatic checking of outgoing mail).
    • Sign me in automatically - select if you want the system to sign you in automatically.
    • Clicking on the Enter button will allow you to enter to the Webmail page.

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