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CS-Cart Speed Optimization

Websites and online stores must be fast in loading. It's one of the main points in Google recommendations since 2010.

Since that time the responsible business owners aim to lead the store to green space of Google PageSpeed Insights.

CS-Cart specialists thought about well-optimized shopping cart platform 2 years ago when they released CS-Cart 4 version.

But, it is 2018 year and CS-Cart 4.7.1 is slow again and clients hire developers to make CS-Cart speed optimization.

If you configured the server poorly, even a new install CS-Cart can have page loading in 25 seconds. I'm not kidding. We have met such websites in our practice. It's very poor result for any resource.

Usually, the proper server configurations can solve the bad performance problems.

But if you have a store for a long time and firstly it works fast, but now you notice that the shop slows downs, it's a first reason to drop a line to Alt-team developers to make CS-Cart speed optimization.

We have made speed optimization of many websites during 7 years and our programmers have made many add-ons and modifications to save client's time and money to increase the resource performance.

You can check our portfolio cases.

Our effective ready-to-use solutions that optimize CS-Cart speed:


  1. The add-on “Cache for Anonymous Users” that increases the page load speed for unregistered users.

  2. The modification “Page Load Speed Optimizer” that allows you to redirect some of the queries to MySQL database by means of Memcache server. This approach also increases website speed.


Sometimes there is no standard solution for the particular shop for better performance and our developers do their best looking for the problems in a bad-optimized website. Every online store is estimated carefully and after this examination, you are provided with the price and time for the CS-Cart Speed Optimization process.

We can guarantee you that your store will be in a green space of Google PageSpeed Insight service when we finish the project.


Order CS-Cart Speed Optimization service by Alt-team.

You may hire the developer, get accurate cost or ask questions by clicking the button below.

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