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How to add a product filter

You can simplify searching for products for your customers by setting up not only categories but also products filters, for example by price.

  • Sign in your administration panel;
  • Go to the Catalog tab;
  • Follow the Product filters link;
  • Clicking on the Add filter button on the right will open New filter window;
  • Fill in the following fields in it:
    • Name - type a name of your filter.
    • Pos. - type a name of position.
    • Show on home page - choose to display the filter on the Home page of your webstore.
    • In case this option is enabled, data about all products will be displayed on the Home page.
    • Filter by - choose the feature or option you want to filter your products by:
    • Features: Format, Manufacturer, Audio formats.
    • Product fields: Price, In stock, Free shipping.
    • If you choose Price or In stock, the Range tab will appear;
    • Open it and set up the desired ranges.
    • Go to the Categories tab;
    • Click on the Add categories link;
    • Tick the box opposite to the necessary category;
    • Click on Add categories and close button;
    • This filter will be displayed on the details pages of the chosen categories.
    • Click on the Create button.

    In order to display the 'Product filter' block in the storefront:

    • Go to the Design tab in your administration panel;
    • Follow the Blocks link;
    • Go to the All pages link at the top of this page;
    • Clicking on the Add block button will open New block window;
    • Fill in the following fields:
      • Type the block name (e.g. Price filter).
      • Choose Product filters in the Block content select box.
    • In the Filling select box:
      • choose Dynamic if you want all filters to be displayed in the same block;
      • choose Filters in order to choose which product filter should be displayed;
      • In this case click on the Specific settings link next to the Filling option and select the desired filter in the Show select box;
      • Select the desired position in the Group select box;
      • Choose the wrapper you want in the Wrapper select box.
    • Click on the Create button.




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"That saves me. Thanks for being so sesnilbe!"


"That saves me. Thanks for being so sesnilbe!"

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