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Site news

Date added: 30/12/2022 JamStack Project in our Portfolio


You are welcome to read about our new JamStack project in the portfolio

In 2022 we started our development process and in 3 months we succed in building fast and secure online store with the help of the ecosystem "JamStack" (CMS Storyblok + Next js (Tailwind) + CS-Cart platform for the admin panel). This innovative approach to ecommerce development pushed the website in the green zone for desktops and for mobile devices in Google PageSpeed Insights. 

Date added: 15/12/2022 PWA for the website

Alt-team developers created Progressive Web Application (PWA) for Tignassee magazine website. This is a website of the magazine. This magazine sells the fashion photos. The aim auditory of this magazine are the clients of the hairstyling saloons and fashion studios.

The saloons customers can look through the magazine pages in the digital mode, they can search for look due to the tags or key words or phrases, check the pricelist of the saloons products and services. 

More details about the project "PWA".

Date added: 02/09/2021 CS-Cart VIP Customer support

Dear CS-Cart Users,


New CS-Cart users are often faced with the problem how to get used to CS-Cart and lauch the website as fast as possible. If you don't know the CS-Cart well, it takes much time to find the necessary settings or to understand how to change the concreate phrase or the default design. 


Alt-team has lauched CS-Cart VIP Customer support service. 

Price: USD1000/40 hours.


We know that when you are not a techie person and lauching the online store for the first time, it's easier to explain what you need in a voice. But the problem that all web developers insist on written chat instead of the voice cooperation. To say the truth, the written form of business communication helps to avoid misunderstanding between a client and a programmer. But writting the emails takes a lot of time and delays the projectfor some time. 

We find the solution. Our English speaking managers can consult you on CS-Cart default functionality, can help you with detailed task description for CS-Cart customization. 

It's a real VIP Customer support, when you can receive answers about CS-Cart admin panel within few minutes.  


More information about VIP Customer Support.

Date added: 24/06/2021 Product Page PDF Add-on Updated

Dear CS-Cart Owners,

We are glad to inform you that our CS-Cart add-on Product Page PDF has been updated!

Now this module is fully compatible with new CS-Cart 4.13. version and the add-on's functionality becomes wider. 

Many new features were added in the settings for the detailed PDF file. 


Get more info here.


Best regards,


Date added: 28/05/2021 Бизнес по кастомизации одежды — новая статья в блоге


Вы знаете, что такое бизнес по кастомизации одежды? Как думаете, это многообещающая сфера бизнеса в интернет-пространстве? Вспомните, что встречают по одежке, а провожают по уму. Пословица, актуальная во все времена. 

Узнайте больше:

  • Переход от стандарта к индивидуальности
  • Сложность бизнеса по кастомизации одежды
  • Выгода в бизнесе по кастомизации
  • Как открыть интернет-магазин по кастомизации одежды.
Date added: 13/05/2021 New CS-Cart add-on "Payment Restriction by Order Total"

Dear Friends,


You are welcome to visit the page of our new CS-Cart add-on "Payment Restriction by Order Total".

The add-on hides the payment method based on the order value. When the total order amount is within the specific limits, all payment methods are availbale to customers. But when the total order amount is beyond the limits, the specific payment methods are not available on checkout page. 


Best regards,


Date added: 12/05/2021 Как создать онлайн маркетплейс в 2021?

 В реальном мире торговые центры отбирают клиентов у маленьких уличных магазинчиков, а в виртуальном — онлайн маркетплейсы "убивают", уже ставшие привычными, интернет-магазины. Это современная тенденция и никуда от нее не деться. По оценкам аналитиков Gartner к 2023 году 15% средних и крупных интернет-магазинов откроют свою собственные маркетплейсы.

Популярность маркетплейсов

Интерес к маркетплейсам легко проверить с помощью Яндекс Вордстат. Если в этом сервисе мы посмотрим историю запросов на фразу "Купить маркетплейс", то увидим, что с каждым годом популярность идеи о запуске маркетплейса возрастает. Пандемия 2020-2021 годов только увеличила интерес к электронным торговым площадкам. 

У рядовых eCommerce предпринимателей в сложившейся ситуации есть 2 выхода:

  • Присоединиться к существующему онлайн-маркетплейсу;
  • Построить свой онлайн маркетплейс.


Прочитайте, как запустить свой собственный онлайн маркетплейс в 2021 году!

Date added: 14/04/2021 New Case in Portfolio — Balloon store

Dear CS-Cart,


You are welcome to examine our new case in portfolio — Balloon store.

Alt-team's specialist (CS-Cart design integrator) worked hard on this project. He integrated the design to the store on CS-Cart platform. 

The work goes on and right now our developer is designing the mobile version of this website. 


More information about this case.


Best regards,




Date added: 26/02/2021 Accept tips on CS-Cart store

Dear Friends,

We have published our new CS-Cart add-on "The Tips". This module displays the tippig options directly on the checkout page. The customer can choose one of the variants "None" (means No tips) or percentage for a gratuity and complete the checkut page. 


There are 3 ways of using tipping into CS-Cart online store:

  • Usual gratuity. This option is in high demand on websites of restaurants, cafes or delivery services. 
  • Supporting businesses. There are many small companies that have to turn to crowdfunding to help them to survive at times of crisis.
  • Donations. Gratuity option can be required to collect donations for charitable and non-profit organizations. 


Best regards,






Date added: 19/02/2021 Hire Tag Manager expert

Dear Friends,

We offer the new service: Dedicated Google Tag Manager consultant.


We specialized on:

  • Event tracking;
  • Ecommerce tracking;
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking;
  • Cross Domain Tracking.


The service "Dedicated Tag Manager Expert" costs $500. It includes 20 business hours of the Tag Mnager Consultant work (Rate is $25/hour).



Hire the Google Tag Manager Specialist for a complete GTM audit and tags deploying.