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Dedicated SEO Specialist

There is an in-house SEO consultant in our team and we have a special service for our clients: a Dedicated SEO Specialist. 


Who is an SEO Specialist?

The SEO specialist is a person who interacts with several experts from different departments: designers, link-builder managers, content managers, developers, marketing specialists. As you know SEO is a "team sport" and the SEO expert is a trainer who brings the project to the "prize".

Who is a SEO Specialist?


SEO Specialists accept the challenges in website ranking

The main reason why entrepreneurs face problems in managing SEO on their own is the great number of responsibilities involved. While you are focusing on running your business and all your in-house specialists are busy with full-time responsibilities. A dedicated SEO specialist is responsible for the following:

  • Analyzing the project milestones.  SEO expert starts working only after they understand the website targets, strategy, brand characteristics, and the niche features. 
  • Website optimization. the SEO specialist is always kept up to date of the latest news in SEO area. On-page and off-page optimization fall on the shoulders of the SEO experts and if you distribute responsibilities between qualified specialists it makes room in the website owner's working schedule for the direct business duties.  
  • Estimating user experience. The general aim of the search engine is to provide value to the user. Google evaluates each webpage carefully and evaluates them on different parameters. Google checks the user behavior on the webpage. Every factor can play a part in webpage ranking: page abandonment, bounce time or click-through rates.
  • Improving local ranking. The local market is an approachable goal for small regional websites as it's hard to compete with giant online stores like Amazon or Etsy. 


Price is USD 40/hour (min. order - 40 hours)

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"First, we worked with Alt-team's developers only. Like their service Dedicated Developer. Then we started working with their SEO specialist — Elena. Can recommend her as an SEO expert. She managed to increase our website traffic in 3 months at a reasonable price. I have only good experience with Alt-team. "

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