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CS-Cart VIP Customer support

CS-Cart VIP Customer support

Price: $2,000.00

In stock

We noticed that many new CS-Cart users have difficulties with CS-Cart functionality when they launch an online store for the first time. They knew little about online store management before they decided to start their online business. 

Despite CS-Cart software have a very simple interface, video lessons, and manuals on how to cope with all CS-Cart functionality, CS-Cart owners need a manager who will recommend the CS-Cart and MultiVendor functionality or will help in configuring the store.

It's easier for some new CS-Cart users to share their screen with the CS-Cart store with the CS-Cart expert in Zoom and ask questions on CS-Cart default functionality in a real time. 


We offer VIP Customer support based on video calls via Zoom service. 

  • Our English-speaking manager will explain the work of CS-Cart due to your questions. You provide the manager with the list of the questions before the video call.
  • If you can't understand how to set up promotions or how to change something in CS-Cart store, our managers can find a solution during the video call or they will send you the answer a bit later (after the consultation with the CS-Cart developers about your problem).
  • The managers will listen to your ideas about the CS-Cart customization and will make the correct technical task for the developers. It will save your time and money. 
  • You pay only for the hours that managers spend on your project. 
  • Everyday reports are available. The manager creates the report in Google docs, shares it with you and you have an opportunity to see how much hours the manager spends on video calls, preparing for video calls or answering your questions after the video calls.
  • Every video call is scheduled in advance. 


Price: USD 2000/ 40 hours (week).

Price: USD 4000/ month.


Be aware it's not a technical support! 

We can't fix your website within this service in the urgent situation. Buy the Dedicated Developer Service to have an ongoing maintenance support. 


Notice that it's a standard practice to make the written review of the video calls if there are some questions the manager can't answer during the video call. CS-Cart has 6 editions (CS-Cart, CS-Cart Ultimate, CS-Cart Ultimate B2B, MultiVendor, MultiVendor Plus, MultiVendor Ultimate) and different packages of CS-Cart versions (the latest version is 4.13). Besides, there are many third-party solutions that CS-Cart owners install on their CS-Cart store. These additional add-ons can change the CS-Cart settings and logic. That's why sometimes the manager needs time to consult with the developers to find the best solution for your online store. This solution the manager can send you in a written form as an email or you can discuss the solution within the next video call. 

So, if you buy 40 hours of the VIP Customer support services it doesn't means that all 40 hours will be spent on video calls. It means that you can schedule the call with the manager who will consult you with CS-Cart functionality if you need it, will help you in writing detailed technical task description for the extra CS-Cart customization or will make the changes as a store administrator in the CS-Cart admin panel to configure store correctly. 


As a test of service, you may buy only 10 hours of VIP Customer support for the first time. 10 hours are enough to get a sense of the service. 


Contact us if you have more questions on VIP Customer Care support service for CS-Cart stores.