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Website wireframe design

When we talk about the creation of the web design, we don't mention its stages, but they are:

  • sketch,
  • website wireframe design,
  • mockup prototype and
  • website prototype.

Sketch and website wireframe have a low-fidelity representation. It usually doesn't include any styling, color, or graphics. It's like a blueprint to a house that shows the plan for plumbing and electricity without the interior design. 

Схематичный прототип сайта

Mockup has middle-fidelity representation and web prototype design is based on high-fidelity represetation. It's like final touches of the ready-to-use house. 

Just imagine, that you start to build your house with buying carpets and chosig the colour of walls. What will be a result? You will change your opinion these small details several times during the house constructuring. So, why should you waste your precious time and money on final touches when you don't have an approved plan of the future house? 


It's more logical to start web design creation with the sketches and wireframes. 

Alt-team designers can help you to create the user-friendly and good-looking wireframe design for CS-Cart online shop on the best price. 

  • Online store wireframe design costs USD 1500. 
  • Website prototype (colour mockups in psd) cost USD 2000.



There is a promo action!

Website wireframe design + mockup prototype = USD 2750


It takes 1 week to make a wireframe and 2 weeks to develop mockups.


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