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Hire Google Tag Manager Specialist

It doesn't matter whether you have a big or middle-size online store, someday you meet the challenge with tracking your website conversion using Google Tag Manager (GTM). Despite the Google Tag Manager Service has a very simple and a user-friendly dashboard, you can hardly cope with it without any guide knowledge. 

Not to waste many time to steep learning curve, we recommend you hire our Google Tag Manager Specialist who has extensive experience in working with Google services. 

Google Tag Manager is basically a tool that allows you to manage your tags easily. Tags are nothing but fragments of code that need to be inserted on webpages to fetch any information you are looking for. Before Google tag manager, you had to hard code these tags to your website’s code manually which is a tedious process. Google tag managers provide you with an easy-to-use web-based user interface to set up these tags, rather than coding them manually each time. All you need to do is add the tracking code, called the container tag to your website or mobile app.


What do we offer in Google Tag Manager Consultant On Demand?


Google Tag Manager Installation

Our GTM Expert installs the Tag Manager code on your website and check if it works correctly. It's essential for the websites that have never used Google Tag Manager service before. It's the first step when you decided to use GTM service. 


Website Audit & Tag Mapping

Website's health is the essential thing that we checked before Google Tag Manager instalation process. We make a brief audit of the website and begin with mapping out a tagging structure for the Google Tag Manager account.


Connection between your GTM and Google Analytics Accounts

Another essintial step working with GTM is a stable connection between Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts. Our Google Tag Manager consultant will help you understand how to integrate Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts to derive the maximum result. By doing this, we help you with the correct implementation of GTM on your website.


Google Tag Manager Configuration

Being a Google Tag Manager Expert, we guarantee that your GTM account is configured correctly. Tracking your business goals becomes an easier process when our specialists work with your marketing tools and Google services (Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics). 


Google Tag Manager Set-up

Alt-team's Google Tag Manager consulting services consider such options as: event and goal convertion tracking, enhanced eCommerce tracking, cross-domain tracking, click-to-call tracking, video tracking, scroll tracking, tag testing, and debugging GTM issues.


Regular Support and Consulting

Every ecommerce business should have a digital strategy and it's great when Google Tag Structure is audited constantly according to the period results. Our experts are masters in tagging structure and we ensure all data are collected perfectly. 


Customer's Behaviour Tracking

One of the important thing is to track how website visitors interact with your online shop. Event, scroll, click trackings help to better understand where you loose clients and fix it. Our GTM consultants set up interaction tracking feature in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts. 


Reduce dependency on developers

We work with Google Tag Manager to track tags addition/deletion and modification through GTM’s inbuilt interface instead of using a legacy code on all individual pages. By doing this, we minimize your dependence on the IT team.



Why choose our GTM experts?

 Being aimed to results we are always trying to doing our best to meet the client's demands. Our Tag Manager experts constantly master their skills and provide customers with the better solution in digital marketing services. 

Alt-team can provide you with the certified Tag Manager specialist who can help you with deploying all necessary tags in your Tag Manager account. 


Advanced Google Analytics certificate Alt-team


We specialized on:

  • Event tracking;
  • Ecommerce tracking;
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking;
  • Cross Domain Tracking.


The service "Dedicated Tag Manager Expert" costs $700. It includes 20 business hours of the Tag Manager Consultant work (Rate is $35/hour).


Hire the Google Tag Manager Specialist for a complete GTM audit and tags deploying.


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