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CS-Cart add-on Product Page PDF
  • CS-Cart add-on Product Page PDF
  • Product Page PDF add-on for CS-Cart
  • Product Page PDF add-on for CS-Cart
  • Product Page PDF add-on for CS-Cart

CS-Cart "Product Page PDF" add-on

Price: $39.00

  • 2 (+75%)
  • 3 (+125%)
  • unlim (+150%)

This product is electronically distributed.

CS-Cart “Product Page PDF” add-on transforms a standard CS-Cart product page into an attractive PDF leaflet ready to instant download. Now every website visitor can save the product page in PDF format and examine it later. 

An eye-catching view of the product page helps customers to keep all information about the product in the store in a convenient way as a PDF file to have an ability to look it through. 



  1. A link for downloading PDF file of the product page is placed near the product features on the product page. PDF version of the product page    PDF version of the product page
  2. The PDF version of the product page contains the following content:
  • Company Logo
  • Main Product Image
  • Additional Product Images
  • Product Name
  • Product Price
  • Product Description
  • Product Features



  • Hide download pdf link - check this line if you don't need product pdf link on the product page. 

Further settings are responsible for the product pdf view. Uncheck lines that shouldn't be available on the product file.

  • Show company logo   
  • Show main image
  • Show additional images
  • Show name
  • Show price
  • Show description
  • Show features
  • Show link to product
  • Display with product info
  • Logo width - enter the size of the logo that your clients see on the pdf file.
  • Main image width - enter the size of the main image displayed on the pdf file. 
  • Additional images width - specify the size of the extra product images.



The sample of the PDF file


  • This add-on works correctly in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera latest browser versions.
  • The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart 4.4.1.
  • It works correctly on CS-Cart edition, Ultimate, MultiVendor editions.
  • It's compatible with all standard CS-Cart themes and with themes: UniTheme and YoupiTheme. 


  1. We offer free installation of this add-on for the default CS-Cart versions (that don't have any serious file changes and additional modules). Otherwise, the installation may require additional charge.
  2. After the payment is confirmed, you will be able to download the add-on from the order details page.


Please remember that we can make any changes in this add-on due to your demands.


Contact us if you have any questions.