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CS-Cart модуль "Цена доставки в зависимости от расстояния"
  • CS-Cart модуль "Цена доставки в зависимости от расстояния"
  • цена доставки за км
  • стоимость доставки за км

Delivery Cost by Distance

Price: $79.00

  • 2 (+75%)
  • 3 (+125%)
  • unlim (+150%)

This product is electronically distributed.

The CS-Cart add-on Delivery Cost by Distance shows the final shipping price due to the distance from the store to the customer's place on the checkout.

Sometimes it's essential thing to use shipping rates based on distance to the final delivery place. So, the add-on "Delivery Cost by Distance" solves this problem and serves to calculate the shipping cost using distance intervals or shipping price per mile or km.


Check the demo. You should be registered on demo to see the distance on the product page.



  • the administrator chooses the length type: a kilometer or a mile in the admin panel Delivery%20cost1.png?1550131208700;
  • the admin can set up the rates for different distances. For example, more than 10 km - $2, more than 20 km – $4 ;
  • the distance from one point to another is calculated according to Google Maps API;
  • the add-on sets the start point from the field Company Address (for CS-Cart edition) and the final point from the fields: Address, City;
  • for MultiVendor edition: the distance is calculated between vendor location and customer's place (fields Address and City);
  • for registered users, the distance is shown on the product page and the delivery price is shown on 3rd step on checkout in the storefront.


  • It works with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor editions.
  • The Delivery Cost by Distance is fully compatible with the latest CS-Cart versions (up to 4.9.3. version).
  • It works correctly with the modern versions of browsers: Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Explorer.


UPDATE from December 2020

  • We added a special setting. Now you can turn on the add-on's functionality only for the authorized customers.
  • There is only one request to the maps when the customer enters the website to know where they are from. These data are kept in the add-on's memory and there are no more requests to the maps for this customer during the page refreshing. It reduces the amounts of map requests and it saves money you ay to the map provider.
  • We added the Distance Matrix API service. You can choose whether to use Google Maps or this new service. 


IMPORTANT! You will need an API key from Google or distancematrix.com for the proper work of the addon. You can specify information about pricing here and here.



How to get an API key for Google and Distance Matrix API.


In case you need to add some special features to this add-on, please, contact us.